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Take a bite of this Occu-pie.

For those following the earthbag build on the root cellar, there will be a workshop on the 11-12th and the 18-19th of December.  I’ve got the hole dug, and will post pictures later.  But I wanted to share my opinion … Continue reading

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Is Natural Building the Next Real American Industry?

I look at the economy, and the ‘recovery’ we’re having now (which is really only being propped up by the petrodollar* and quantitative easing*), and wonder what will really happen in the next few years if/(but really) when things get … Continue reading

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A Question to the Reader

I have a question. You know that Oil is a finite resource.  You know it will eventually run out, b/c you’re not ignorant.  There’s one graph I want to show you, and if it doesn’t scare you, I think you … Continue reading

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EnvironMENTAL (but with an idea)

My opinion is that the stronger your opinion is on something, the more potential you have to be wrong.  I feel strongly about that opinion. I’m no “Oh-ba-gaw the economy is like crashin OMGZ whada ba gonna dooo?” Or “F’n … Continue reading

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