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Jumping JehosaphRAT

So, I had mentioned getting a beer kit back in July and hoping to brew it this winter.  I’m sure you remember.  Nod your head.  Well, I finally got to brew!    It’s an Irish Stout from Midwest Brewing.  I … Continue reading

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Don’t get down, it’s an UPdate!

Well hello dear reader(s?). Happy to….virtually see you?  Idk.  Anyway I’ve got lots of interesting updates that I’m excited about.  Let’s go down the line… I finally got some good, bigger tomatoes that I can throw on a burger or … Continue reading

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EnvironMENTAL (but with an idea)

My opinion is that the stronger your opinion is on something, the more potential you have to be wrong.  I feel strongly about that opinion. I’m no “Oh-ba-gaw the economy is like crashin OMGZ whada ba gonna dooo?” Or “F’n … Continue reading

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