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Take a bite of this Occu-pie.

For those following the earthbag build on the root cellar, there will be a workshop on the 11-12th and the 18-19th of December.  I’ve got the hole dug, and will post pictures later.  But I wanted to share my opinion … Continue reading

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Don’t get down, it’s an UPdate!

Well hello dear reader(s?). Happy to….virtually see you?  Idk.  Anyway I’ve got lots of interesting updates that I’m excited about.  Let’s go down the line… I finally got some good, bigger tomatoes that I can throw on a burger or … Continue reading

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The One Thing Holding Me Back

The one thing I need the most, that I don’t have, in order to build my earthbag home, and start living a sustainable life IS: Land. The catch 22 is, I can’t buy land with our budget the way it … Continue reading

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I’ve got it figured out, I think.  If I can find a house w/a couple acres, and a somewhat livable home on it for cheap, we can buy it.  Then leave in the house while our home is built, then … Continue reading

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On Being Young, Married, & Soon-to-be Father

A lot of people have asked me what I feel like, about to be a father…If I’m excited, nervous, scared, etc…I think I never really knew how I felt until recently.  A lot of what I’ve felt has been summed … Continue reading

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