Hello, little creeper.  My name is Luke Anthony, and my family and I reside in Charlotte, NC.  I have a goal to live more sustainably.  Right now, this blog is about trying to achieve that goal, while possibly finding a vocation in it.

I have a wife and a son.  I’m in my mid-twenties.  My goal is to learn more about earthbag building until I’m comfortable enough to find our own spot of land, build a home, and live out the dream.  We just bought our first house, so I’ll be starting by building several different things, the first being a root cellar.

Why have a dream to live sustainably?
Sustainable, to me, means that one could use local resources, and not have to rely on outside help.  So there are lots of ways to do that.

One, it makes sense to build something such as an earthbag house, b/c it’s cheaper, you’re able to do it yourself, it’s more sound structurally, aesthetically it looks great, you can use local dirt often, and it’s great for the environment instead of using lots of concrete (unsustainably made) and timber (most are unsustainably harvested).
Two, if you grow your own food, you can save money, and know what’s in your food.  Much of the commercially available food is filled with something-or-another-oxide, dioxide, and whoever-whatever-else-chloride, etc…Growing your own food leads to better health.  So I’d like to grow 50% or more of my own food, eventually.
Three, I’m not going to add more b/c I haven’t even completed one or two yet.  But hey, it’s a goal.  Not there yet, but I’m working on it a little bit at a time.  Goals are meant to have plans, these blog posts are the steps I’m taking to get there.

Dirt can build your home.  Dirt can grow your food.  Dirt can clean your water.
My dream may be a little weird.  I dream of dirt.


3 Responses to Me.

  1. Eric says:

    We share the same vision my brother. would lie to talk to you aboutnyour findings aboutbearth bag building. Inlive in weaverville NC.

    One Love

    • Luke Anthony says:

      Awesome! I’ll give you a call, but you left one number off in your phone number, which is fine b/c it’s online and available that way, but e-mail it to me. My e-mail is

  2. Hop Tart says:

    Just snooped on your blog after you commented on mine. My husband and I are trying to set up a homestead as well. We are looking for land closer to the Foothills (we are in the Raleigh area now). We are getting more into gardening, home brewing, learning canning…
    The earth bag thing is something to look into, I will forward this to my husband as well.
    Cool blog!

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