Take a bite of this Occu-pie.

For those following the earthbag build on the root cellar, there will be a workshop on the 11-12th and the 18-19th of December.  I’ve got the hole dug, and will post pictures later.  But I wanted to share my opinion on the fiscal situation and the Occupy movement. 

If you watch the main-stream news at all, see what people post on the internet, or get news from alternative media, you should know by now the fiscal irresponsibility going on.  You should also have heard about all the different sides of the different arguments going on.

Who should our money go to? What should happen to our food? What are we doing for energy?  Is gas going to run out? Who should be our next president? What corporations are stealing from us? What parts of government are wasteful? On and on….

The funny part about it, to me, is that the solution is so simple, yet the left and right argue back and forth, back and forth.

The left (or progressives) thinks that corporations are evil.  The right (conservatives) think that government is evil.  Granted, that’s an over generalization, but the truth is that both, in some ways are true, and both are false.

With many things in life, we love to dramatize, over speculate, and be melodramatic.  However, some of us realize that there are both good and evil in everyone.  There is good and bad to everything.  The more powerful something is, the more opportunity it has for good or evil.  For instance, a rabbit only has a certain amount of inteligence, it only has so much power for positive or negative enforcement.  A human has much more opporunity for +/- enforcement than a rabbit.  The same is true for a person in power with a corporation or in government, and one not in either corp/gov’t.  There is a huge amount of opportunity for +/- enforcement both in gov’t and corporations, but let me emphasize it’s power for both.  Not one or another.

Libertarians and small gov’t conservatives especially will say that gov’t is an entirely negative thing.  Progessives, through the occupy movement are saying corporations are entirely negative.  This is over simplified on both accounts.  You can not simply say that one is entirely negative.  They are both positive in some aspects, and negative in others.  Some much more one way than another. 

For instance, Monsanto I feel is an over-stepping corporation who has a VERY negative influence on our culture.  The USDA (gov’t) is aiding to their cause.  However, Monsanto is in a way sustaining lots of people with food they’re not growing themselves. The USDA does protect us, sometimes.  I feel the negative influence on both of those entities is much bigger than what they actually do for good, but you know what I’m getting at.

Now there are many more corporations and government entities we could look at, but the point is this; The issue here, is power.  There is too much opportunity for weak humans to handle.  The problem with the world, is that it’s filled with people.  People are flawed.  If we had some amazing people in power of these entities, whether corporate or government, there may be some great things to come of it.  But when you have a problem this big, there’s an amazingly simple solution.

  • If you have such a problem with the way that your food is grown, like I do, then grow your own, buy organic, or buy from farmer’s markets.
  • If you have a problem with the way your power is created and the damaging effects on the environment, get some solar panels, wind turbines, and/or lower your power use.
  • If you have an issue with the way your clothing is made in sweatshops, buy American.
  • If you have a concern with how much we’re buying, and borrowing from China, buy American, every time.
  • If you don’t like big banks, put your money in a credit union.
  • If you don’t like all the preservatives in your food, store your own.
  • If you’re hating how our tax money is spent, barter as much as you can with locals, even easier, buy online from small companies.
  • If you don’t like the way housing developments are built, build your own home, naturally.
  • If you’re worried about peak oil, get your car running on bio-diesel, natural gas, or wood gassification (like many trucks were during WWII).

The solutions are right in front of our face, and there’s so much good out there on the internet for these sorts of things.  I suggest you find your own way of solving the problems you see.  Our next president is not the answer to all of our problems, we are.  Taking down companies like Monsanto, or big banks will not be as easy as protesting against them.  Just grow your own food, use credit unions.  “Vote with your wallet.” 

We have so much power over our own lives, and our own decisions.  Make good, personal choices.  Have a real affect.  Don’t try to change the world, when you really just need to change yourself.

I am not the gleaming example of what the world should look like, but I’m trying to get there, and I hope that you will too.  That way we can actually bring on the revolution that our country so desperately needs.

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2 Responses to Take a bite of this Occu-pie.

  1. Brandee says:

    Bravo! This was one of the things that concerned me about the Occupy movement (though I am a supporter)- I didn’t feel there was enough emphasis on solutions and personal empowerment. I was wrong (as I often am) though, as I discovered through more extensive research. There has actually been a large presence of permaculturists, natural builders and other solution-focused groups at the home bases of the movements. Of course, that wasn’t much covered in the news…

    I definitely support the movement in it’s political endeavors but you’re absolutely right- personal responsibility is a key element, arguably “the” key element…

    • Luke Anthony says:

      Ya, unfortunately there’s a major disservice being done for the actual solution focused people in the movement. I like that part of the movement.
      I have a negative opinion of the other people thinking that socialism is the answer, that is so backwards to me. Here, feed us more of what we’re protesting against.
      I wouldn’t label myself as a conservative, liberal, or libertarian really. I feel that our government could run more effeciently by a long shot. And I think protesting against the corporations and government that got us into this mess is a good thing.
      However, like you say, the key element is the individual. And the government should fear what the people have to say, not the people fear what the government has to say. So, if they want to protest, I think it’s great.
      Of course there’s the ninnies, and MSM likes to focus on those, but hey what are you gonna do. The revolution’s coming, and the MSM will have to come to grips with it whether they like it or not. In the meantime, I don’t like to watch the MSM much. I get news elsewhere.

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