Worse Than Digging Your Own Grave w/a Bad Shovel

That’s right.  I came up with a new catch phrase.  Go ahead, use it.

You can use it for anything that sucks to have to do.

I came up with it after realizing how much it sucks to try to dig 8ft underground.  182 sq ft is roughly what I’m digging out(8ft down). So far after yesterday, and today I’m down about 5ft on the deep end of the stairs.  I made a few interesting finds while digging.  All with other new catch phrases* that you can start saying.

1. Once you get about 4 ft down in my yard, the clay is so sticky, that I can’t get it to launch the dirt from the shovel into the pile to use for bags.  It about throws your back out trying to shake it off the shovel.  CP*: “That ___ is more annoyingly clingy than clay on a shovel. Suggested use: A really needy/bad girlfriend/boyfriend.  (I did figure out a way to get it to unstick, just stab the pile of dirt with the shovel, and it comes right off, for those that run into that problem)

2. There were ants.  Freaking ants. Freaking ANTS burrowed about 5 ft underground.  I said Oh hell no.  These suckers needs to go!  They were carpenter ants or something, bigger than normal.  I don’t know enough about ants, nor do I care, b/c they all should die a horrible death.  Needless to say, I was very surprised to see them down that far. CP: They’re more evil than ants underground! Suggested use: When talking about the government or most mega corporations.

3. It’s extremely important to buy good tools.  I bought a more expensive shovel.  I cannot imagine trying to do what I have been doing with my other plain-jane shovel.  Mine is reinforced, with rubber grips, and a place to put your foot to drive it in. I imagine digging your own grave with a bad shovel would be the worst thing ever.  Catch phrase for this one is the title.

4. This is really slow to do alone.  I should’ve rented a backhoe.  Maybe I actually will, idk.  It’s going to take a while doing it by myself and only on weekends.  CP: Backhoe dat boy, he’s dumber’n dug dirt! Recommended use: Not sure.  It doesn’t make much sense. Sounds fun to say though.

Well, I thought of a lot more while I was digging by myself, b/c I think of weird stuff when I’m alone.  I just can’t remember the rest.  But those were the ones I remembered, the last one I just made up.  I’m tired.  This is hard work.  I did have one guy contact me to be interested in helping out. I hope more become interested.

For those interested: I will be digging for the next month maybe, and hopefully some will come along to help with digging the root cellar out first, but you can help with the actual building, likely in November.  I’m hoping we have a warm winter.  That would make for good building temps.  If it stays in the 50s and high 40s in December, that’d be alright with me.  But for now, I’m expecting the real building part to happen in later November, early December on Sundays and Mondays.

Stay dirty, my friends.



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2 Responses to Worse Than Digging Your Own Grave w/a Bad Shovel

  1. Tracy Lawrence says:

    Hey there, if I lived near you, I would be glad to offer a helping hand. I have been clearing my land by hand and a person does tend to think alot when they are in nature doing hard work and the sweat is beading up. I think about getting goats to help me=). They wouldn’t work for you though. Good luck and happy shoveling. Tracy In Chapin sc.

    • Luke Anthony says:

      Lol Tracy in Chapin, SC. When you said that I imagined an army of goats with shovels walking around aimlessly running into each other. One of them is on a rock. I did laugh out loud. (….reminds me of a prebuscent goat I met once with a high pitch and cracking baaa-a-a-a I also LOL’d then.)
      You’re about 2 hours away. In the future, when the nitty gritty is getting done, you’re welcome to come and learn if you’re interested in building w/earthbags. I’m not a guru, but I can definitely help you get hands on experience, that is, if you like. I may have a workshop or two happen sometime this season, or maybe in spring. I also plan on doing a man-cave, which will be less labor intensive… hopefully, haha. I may get a backhoe next time. For the man-cave I may ask Scott Howard of Earthen Hand to come help me teach, if I get enough people interested. HE is most definitely a guru of earthbag and natural building. He had offered to teach with me when I was in Portland, OR.
      So if that happens, that’d be pretty cool, right? I think so.

      Anyway, thanks for your encouragement, and the laugh. 🙂

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