Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap.


Oh ya.

It’s true.  The guru of Earthbag Building, the daddy of dirt, Dr. Owen Geiger lent me his expertise for drawing up some floor plans and a side view for my root cellar.  Running the Earthbag Building Blog Fan Page on facebook, definitely has had it’s advantages.  I just enjoy doing it, but it’s nice to be rewarded for it with plans. (free.)  It’s already cheap to build this way.  But free plans….and building with dirt….it just makes the title so appropriate.

I call it a root cellar(it’s not one), b/c it’s easier to call it that.  It’s really a cool pantry/deep freezer.  There will be low humidity, unlike root cellars, which are based on their lower earthen temperatures, plus very high humidity.  Cooler temperatures, plus low humidity means I can store things like flour, wheat, some vegetables/fruits, dry foods like pasta, dried fruit, dried veggies, etc.  The deep freezer is what it sounds like.  It will be a second, more insulated room.  I may end up bringing an extension cord in to the root cellar to put a real deep freezer in there.  It will run much less energy than a normal deep freezer would b/c the temperatures will already much lower than normal.

I may not use a conventional deep freezer, but instead use the insulated room with either dry ice, or a zeer pot.  I’ll experiment with them first, anyway.  But I’m excited to actually buy a quarter cow, or half cow and freeze it for our future.

I am going to start digging today, when it warms up just a bit.  This will likely be a weekend, or night project over the next little bit.  But people are welcome to come visit, help, learn, or spectate.  If you spectate, I might throw a shovel at you.  I’m really dreading digging this much.  I’m wondering if I just need a back hoe to dig it up in an hour.  But I’m cheap.

For the readers out there in North Carolina, if you want to help, e-mail me at lukeanthonymailATgmailDOTcom, or call me at 980-322-9330.  Come out and learn for free! I’m not gonna charge like some people do.

P.S. If you didn’t read it, take a look at Owen’s blog post about this root cellar, too.  http://earthbagbuilding.wordpress.com/2011/10/16/free-rootcellar-plans/

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2 Responses to Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap.

  1. BenB says:

    CO2 is slightly heavier than air, so you might want to avoid using dry ice down there, or it may be your grave after all!

    • Luke Anthony says:

      Excellent point you brough up. That’s one reason I have big doors. I didn’t draw this exactly well, but there will also be an exhaust and intake vent out of pvc. If I were to use dry ice, we would open up all the doors before entering. Thanks for your input!
      My wife keeps saying she thinks I’m going to put dead bodies in the chest freezer. Idk what movie she saw that from, but I certainly hope it’s no ones grave, especially my own!

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