Talking Dirty

Alright, so the time has finally come, my not so devoted readers.   The time has come for me to get my hands dirty.  I had mentioned in a couple monotonously redundantly obnoxiously repeating posts that I wanted to build a root cellar.  Well, with the help of some really cool facebook friends on the facebook groups I’m a part of, I decided to go with a 3 part underground pantry/cellar.  I have decided to get all the best parts of what I want all in one fell swoop.   I will build a cool pantry (medium humidity), a freezer room for storing  frozen meats, veggies, etc, and a root cellar will be added like a humid pantry, later when it will be more necessary. 
    So my plan for this, is to build it mostly underground, with a metal corrugated roof.  The roof will be super insulated.  The walls will be earthbags, possibly with re-bar.  There will be two rooms.  The majority of it will be the cool pantry, a 1/3 will be insulated even more with earthbags filled with earth and perlite (most likely).  I will go about 6-8 ft underground.  There will be cellar doors that swing open to lead down with steps.  There will be at least two rows of shelving around the cool pantry, likely re-inforced to handle large amounts of cans. 

     I hope to finish this project by the winter.  We’ll see how that goes.  I am receiving some help from a very knowledgable source, which I will wait till later to talk about.  The final drawings I don’t know if I’ll post till later, but I’ll include this rough draft.  The inlet pipe is a bit out of place, b/c I didn’t draw the roof over it when I was doing this drawing.  Also, you cant’ see it b/c it was cut off, but the cellar doors will face north.

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