New News from a Noob

Week 2 of living in the new home!  We’ve been loving the new home so far. 

It was weird when we first stepped in.  Nicole and I both felt like we’ve already lived there.  Not that we could imagine ourselves there, but that it’s like a part of us had already lived there.  It was a strange feeling, but it was really cool.  What’s also strange, is that our stuff fits and looks better in our new home than in our old townhouse. 

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the stuff to set up though.  I have so many ideas, and I’m not sure where to start.  But as many things as I want to add to the house, there are also problems that need fixing. 

1. The showers are either made for cardboard cut-out people, or midgets.  My brain may be small, but the rest of my body is made to… dance!  I mean I got to move this booty in the shower, you know!  Ok, I don’t really dance in the shower…often.  But I MIGHT if the mood hits.
2. The toilets clog if the AIR is stuffy.  Let alone if you try to flush down a smidge too much TP.  Let’s not get graphic here, there might be children reading your mind, reading this blog.
3. The kitchen has no pantry, and a very little amount of counter space.  What is a prepper to do?  Man I store boxes worth of stuff, so I’m very limited.

But the things that I’m excited about doing are:

1.Making a root cellar/cool pantry/deep freezer out of earthbags.
2.Making a cob oven.
3. Making a man-cave out of earthbags.
4.Making a yoga gondola.
5.Making a permaculture’d out garden.  I’ve got lots of design ideas I need to implement, and fruit trees I need to put up asap.

My hands are eager to get muddy.  I mean, you should know that by now, the blog is called I Dream of Dirt.  I mean, can’t you read?  If you can’t, you couldn’t have got this far, but to those who can’t read, why are you here?  I mean, seriously.

I really am yearning to get some earthbag learning.  Some cobbing, some wattle and daubing, oh snap I’m about to start a rap.  This rhyme is past it’s prime.  So let me get out quick before I make you sick.

Seriously, why can’t this blog be serious?  Gosh! Whew, here we go.

I really *sigh* want…to get some stuff done.  At the moment I’m a drone on the death star.  Just doing my job.  Working for the man.  *hoh….* *pahh…*  And it is exhausting. Supervisors flipping out about imaginary numbers being different than normal, customers houses smelling like dog shiz and 30 years of smoking, other management lying to fire people for fun, corporate slugs wiping their slime all over our business, doesn’t that sound like the death star to you?  It at least has hints of star wars drama.  Don’t think about it too much.  It’s a stretch.

I’m hoping that all this natural building activity that I plan on doing will catapult me into doing more things with it.  My whole goal in my career is to free up time to spend with family, still do enough to support them by doing what I love.

Anyway that’s the update, cupcake.  Hope you enjoyed it, now I’ll Sigmund Freud it…

Your subconscious wants to see a picture of the house.  Did I just read your mind?
I’m not telling your child what you just thought about your mom.
Lol…I’m sorry.  My mind makes these jumps, probably no-one will get the Freud reference, but I made myself laugh, anyway here’s a picture of the house:

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