New Home

Well, it has been decided and it is 99% official, but soon to be 100% official, we’re buying a home in Charlotte.  With much debate, we eventually decided that staying here for a while longer is for the best.  But the good news is, I have lots of ideas about the new home that I can still build like I want to. I’ve got a half acre, so that should do pretty well…

So, here are the things I’ve decided to do.

  1. Build a man cave out of earthbags.  I’ve always wanted a pool table, but I know as soon as I get one, I won’t use it.
  2. Build a root cellar out of earthbags.  This will probably be done first.  We don’t have a big kitchen, and I have a lot of storables….a lot.
  3. Build a yoga gondola-like structure, so that Nicole can retreat to it easily.
  4. Start a permaculture’d out food forest.  The word-theme for this grand idea will be “sanctuary.” I.E. it will be a safe place that’s ‘holy’ in it’s own way (not a religious kind of way).

I am hoping that this experience leads me to be able to do more w/this type of building.  I would love to keep doing stuff with earthbags, maybe for a living, but while also freeing up time to finish a couple children’s books I’ve been writing.  It’s a tough world out there, and boy is it hard to start a business.  But I’ve got tons of ideas.

With earthbag building, and simple solar solutions you can do a lot of good for cheap.  I just wonder if some of the Carolinas are progressive enough to handle the ideas.  I imagine the way the economy is going, people are going to have to break off their blinders and see what else is out there.  I imagine the natural building business taking off after the economy tanks in the next year or so.

BTW if you’re wondering why we’re buying a home now, while I think the economy is going to tank soon, think about this; We’re going to pay less than we do for rent now.  We will have our own yard to grow food on.  Rent will go up more than likely, but our rate is locked in.  If one of us loses our job, we can still afford the mortgage.  The seller is paying nearly all closing costs.  There’s no HOA.

Anyway, this is a step in the right direction.


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