Don’t get down, it’s an UPdate!

Well hello dear reader(s?).

Happy to….virtually see you?  Idk.  Anyway I’ve got lots of interesting updates that I’m excited about.  Let’s go down the line…

I finally got some good, bigger tomatoes that I can throw on a burger or eat bruschetta-esque.  I actually took some pictures. 

Then I took these bad boys, threw some balsamic vinegar, mozzarella, and seasoning on it.  Wham, bam, thank you mam.  It was good.  Here’s proof of the endeavor:

Could’ve had better lighting, but eh.

Moving on, I was very happy to finally receive my long-awaited birthday present.  Guess what it was?

Did you guess a beer making kit?  If you didn’t…you don’t know how to read…pictures.  That’s a pretty serious problem, you might want to work on that.  If you can read it, you’ll notice it’s an Irish Stout.  There’s more stuff there than you can see, b/c it’s in the bucket.  But I’m gonna learn how to make beer!  Woohoo!  I’m excited about it.

Now, the heart-warming news…I’ve been supporting a little guy in Kenya for a couple years now.  He was 3 when Nicole and I chose him.  He looked pretty sad in his first picture, but I just got my FIRST updated picture and SOME FORM OF CONTACT from him through an interpreter.
Now, before I go on talking about how cool it was, let me first say that it’s particularly frustrating to be told you’re going to get pictures and updates from someone who you’re supporting, but then not get it.  I understand he can’t read/write a ton yet, or when I first started supporting him.  He was 3 when that first happened.  But I mean World Vision was telling me they were going to send stuff back, and that an interpreter would read my letter to him, and he could say something back.   B/c I was asking him if he liked to play any games, how many brothers and sisters he had, stuff I know if an interpreter asked, he could comprehend.  Maybe I’m being out of line, and expecting too much, but this is the way that I feel, and you can do squat about that except for read it and send me hate mail.  But don’t hate.  Let me get to the part that I’m happy about.

When we first started supporting Odhiambo/John, Jude (our son) wasn’t born yet.  So, there were a lot of things I didn’t appreciate coming from kids as much.  But now, Jude draws a scribble, and it’s instantly on our fridge.  There’s something special about little drawings coming from kids that make you proud of them.
Well, anyway Odhiambo/John drew me a bunch of pictures. :]  I couldn’t get a good picture b/c they’re very light.  And it was drawn on the glossy paper World Vision gave him.  They really could do better, I’m not sure World Vision really gets that we actually want contact with these kids, not just colored pamphlets, but I was happy to get it.  Anyway, here is his picture, 5 years old now.

In the actual picture, you can see his face well, but this is a picture of a picture.  They spelled his last name wrong, it’s Starnford.  But I’m happy to have the picture and the drawings.  I wish they would get him to smile, but I don’t know what his life is really like.  They don’t go into much detail.  They did say his village was pretty aids-ridden.  So I’m not sure how good his quality of life actually is.  I hope it’s getting better with my small aid.


The last thing, is that we may be deciding to stay in Charlotte after all.  We’ve gone back and forth, back and forth on it.  Don’t get impatient, reader, you’re just reading, this isn’t your life!  It’s mine, fool!  Get yo mind right!

Woah, sorry for yelling at you. 😉 It’s just people don’t understand, you know?  The wifey wants security, and I am damn well going to give that to her.  Whatever it takes.  So right now, it looks like it means staying for a little while longer even though I’d rather be somewhere else.   We’ll see what happens, but we may have found a good house for us.

But what that really means, is an earthbag man cave, an earthbag root cellar, a possible earthbag shed, a cob oven, and maybe even some aquaponics.  Awwww ya.  Oh, I got ideas, baby.  A permaculture opportunity for a 1/2 acre plot, paying less per month than we do in rent w/no yard.  So I’m not compromising too much actually, so it’ll work out.

Plus the house is like, totally super cute.  Like OMG.

This concludes the Updates.  Later dudes.

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2 Responses to Don’t get down, it’s an UPdate!

  1. Robin says:

    Hey dude, Beer making is fun. I remember when I did my first batch and it was like adventure, cooking class and science all wrapped up in one. I have not been making beer in ages but sometimes I feel like picking it up. Write some posts about it.

    Just a feeling, The posts might feel a little long. They have great paragrafs but involve too many subjects in each post maybe. This is just my amateur opinion.

    • Luke Anthony says:

      Ya, I’ll definitely be writing about my beer-making experience, it’ll be a lot of fun.
      As for the writing advice, I appreciate it, and I’ll take it into consideration. Though, you should know, I don’t take this blog too seriously. Maybe I’ll rename this blog, “Luke’s Brain Barf.” Then you’d automatically have low expectations. Haha.
      Your words are appreciated, Robin. 🙂

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