Dad Gum

What in tarnation is all this heat here for, man?  I get dad gum tired of all this heat and humidity scorching up my plants, man. 
My squash has been murdered by ravenous squash/stink bugs.  Straight up tomatoes are getting blasted by blight, I think.  Jalepenos are short as all get out.  What I thought was my cilantro, might not be.  Mother-in-law accidently pulled up my ground cherries, thinking it was weeds, luckily I have a couple others left.  I just ain’t getting nothing right, no how.
I’m bout to smack this heat and humidity in it’s face, except for it smacks me every day first.  Heat index has hit 120+ a couple times.
Hence the southern scramble of words. (Plus I watched an episode of Looney Tunes w/my son, Jude, this morning, and it had Yosemite Sam in it :] )
It’s about the only time to sound like your southern.  Don’t worry it’s only for this post.
I’ll bring good news about the garden later.

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