Earthbag Garden Wall Completed

Ok, well it could use a little color, maybe.  But it’s basically DONE.  I’ve put it off b/c things have been super busy around here.  But I finally put a cement plaster on it.  I didn’t want to, b/c it meant taking off the failing earth plaster.
I learned how important it is to have an over hang.  But at first I thought it wouldn’t matter that much, b/c it was a short wall, and the bricks hung over a LITTLE.  But anyway, I used cement so now it won’t fall apart when it rains.
The important thing about this wall, is that I learned A LOT.  I was never concerned with it looking perfect, or doing it the exact right way the first time.  In fact, I’m not even concerned with it lasting forever, considering we’re renting this townhome.  So while I could have built it better, and made it look nicer I think it looks pretty dang good for what it is.  I got more knowledge out of it than first expected.  So I’m pretty proud of it.  Anyway, here is basically the final product unless I choose to use color.  Everything is always a continuing project around here…. And by the way…. The plants are GROWING.  Especially the tomatoes, good grief.

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