A Question to the Reader

I have a question.

You know that Oil is a finite resource.  You know it will eventually run out, b/c you’re not ignorant.  There’s one graph I want to show you, and if it doesn’t scare you, I think you may not understand the graph.

So make sure you understand it before you read on, but just in case, I’ll explain.  In the beginning of the 20th century there was a little over 1.5 Billion people worldwide.  As oil production increased, so did population.  I should mention, there’s a graph out there w/a longer time frame that shows less than a billion people throughout all time.  You see that downturn in oil production in the 70’s?  That’s when America ran out of our own oil, essentially.  Now imagine when the WORLD runs out.  What do you suppose will happen to the population?

It would go down, ya.  But more importantly, do you see how fast it went down in the 70’s?  How fast do you think population will parallel that?

There are other concerns in the U.S. Economy, yes.  Like how our currency is only legitimate b/c it’s being traded for oil transactions.  I’ve learned they call it the ‘petrodollar.’  Well, Saddam Hussein decided he would switch to using a different currency, shortly after he said that, we declared war.  Now, the same thing has happened in Libya.  Gaddafi said that he was going to start using a gold-backed currency for Africa rather than the U.S. dollar, and now we’re at war over there.  Sound like a conspiracy theorist?  Well, check out this video:

So that should give you, as it did for me, a good idea of what the country might be doing to protect our fragile economy.  But that can’t be sustained.  I’m not an economist, I’m just a concerned citizen who, b/c of research, videos, and other things, has realized what’s coming.

I could name a number of other reasons, but I’m gonna stop there for the night.  But I just wanted to share, and hopefully you’ll look more into it if you don’t already see what’s about to happen.

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2 Responses to A Question to the Reader

  1. léoðwyrhta says:

    scary… I had no idea that Sadaam was going to switch to the Euro or that Libya had so much gold… Creepy how greedy our government is.

    • Luke Anthony says:

      Ya, and my question is also why are we in all these other countries too? We can’t afford our own spending, yet we finance wars and operations to be somewhere other than America. But Obama won’t comment on these budgets that he used to be against. Instead, he just wants to add a couple more trillion with no explanation or plan. The only thing that makes sense to me, would be that something isn’t being talked about.
      Maybe a conspiracy theory, but he sure isn’t doing anything to clear up why he wants to spend more money when we’re in an existing crisis.

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