Earthbag Building near Asheville cont’d

So here we are with another verse to this Earthbag Sonnet!

I just want to say…I love building like this.  It’s so much fun, great to get the experience, and awesome to meet the people that you do this way.  Meeting people that care about the earth is really cool.  Now, I will say this… I care about the earth b/c I know if we don’t respect it, it won’t respect us, and then we’re dead.  Here’s the thing; I respect the earth, I respect my body.  If I continue to practice the things I’m used to doing as an American, I will lose benefits I once had.

Now, I should also say that I love being able to go places when I want to.  I love being able to be a consumer.  So there’s a certain balance to it that I just want to be able to keep in check.  I’m not a radical, but I do want to be more conscious of what we’re doing to the planet, our economy, and our bodies.  So meeting people who are somewhat like-minded, just further down the path of sustainability, makes it all the more fun to build with them.  So I’m learning more than just stuff on how to build w/Earthbags, but also what a lower impact, more sustainable life looks like.  What’s also great, is you meet people that maybe you aren’t exactly like minded, but you can agree on the fact that this way of building is awesome in so many different ways.

We’ve got a long way to go as a family.  I’m hoping to implement a compost bin here shortly.  I’m also hoping to figure out a place to build something local.  Maybe a B.O.L.?  Idk.  But more local than Asheville, but things have to fall into place.

Nicole and I want to live by the beach, and I’ve found some cheap land by the beaches of NC.  Although we’ve seen ourselves as more west-coast minded people, we’ll have to see what makes sense for us as we talk about it more.

Back to this project, the updates are:
1. They finished the first wall and put in a window.
2. They started the second wall.  Which we put in a few rows, then put the window in.
3. Met new people from VA.

They had since finished the first wall. The area around the window will be 'bottle wall.'

Here are the pictures!

Where we picked up on the second wall (well a little bit into it already.)

An 'inside' look

"Get your tamp on" is our new catchphrase.

The group of us!

End of the day after I left, the second wall is finished!

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2 Responses to Earthbag Building near Asheville cont’d

  1. Andrea says:

    Would you be able to share more information? I live in asheville and would be interested in helping/learning earthbag building. How do i get in touch with these people? I really like your blog, keep it up! 🙂

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