Luffa Hack! (Screen)

I’m kind of excited about this, even though it may be goofy.  Our old luffa broke.  It basically unraveled.  Well I took a look at it, and went, “A screen!”  I wish I would’ve thought of that earlier before I made one myself and spend hours screening soil for plaster little bits at a time.

The screen I made was too fine.  It took a while, but it looked really good.  We’ll see how this one turns out, but I posted a couple videos to explain!

The luffa spreads around the bucket (it’s tube-like) and the excess sticks up towards me.  When you put dirt in it, you grab the excess luffa like a handle, and sift it back and forth.

Here’s what the sifted dirt looks like after-wards. 

Thought it was worth sharing!

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