The One Thing Holding Me Back

The one thing I need the most, that I don’t have, in order to build my earthbag home, and start living a sustainable life IS:


The catch 22 is, I can’t buy land with our budget the way it is.  But if I had land, I would be able to afford more. That is, if we were actually living on that land.

Land is so dang expensive.  I wish I could find someone w/cheap land.  I’ll keep looking I guess.  Craigslist and RE websites.  Blah.

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2 Responses to The One Thing Holding Me Back

  1. muddome says:

    I want to wish you well on finding that piece of land. Affordable land can be elusive. If I were to do it all over again, I would buy junk land with no power, natural gas, buildings or anything. (But of course there are a lot of treasures to be found on an old abandoned farm too.) We are going solar and building all our own stuff now anyways. There may be other alternatives available to you. Perhaps going in on it with like-minded friends. We met Ianto Evans (rocketstove and cob guru) a couple years ago and he has a cool alternative plan. Find a land owner and make a deal to build a cob/earthbag/strawbale/whatever home on their land in exchange for a 5 or 10 year lease. He has done this his entire life. He always has a nice place to live and has never paid a dime in rent or mortgage. We are thinking of possibly offering some of our land up for this in the future.

    • Luke Anthony says:

      Thanks so much for the well-wishing. I’m thinking about seeing what I can find from the county’s tax/deeds website. Maybe I’ll find someone who doesn’t give a crap about their land, but haven’t thought about selling it. Who knows.
      That’s cool that Ianto did that! I saw the blog your wife did about someone who was doing that, I didn’t know it was Him. I met Scott Howard, who met Ianto, and he said Ianto was a really cool dude. That’s something I’ve considered, but haven’t found where to start to find someone like that. All I’ve done is asked people around me if they know of anyone who wants to sell their land. No luck yet.
      That’s an excellent idea, and like I said I appreciate the well-wishing. Keep writing!

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