I take it back…

Ok, so I take back what I said about not being a doom-and-gloom kind of person.

Looking at the data, and seeing what it says about the ‘petrodollar’ (the way the rest of the world has been using our dollar to exchange oil – creating a faux demand for the dollar), things don’t look good at all.  China and Russia have agreed to stop using our dollar.  Considering the debt we owe as a nation and the money we’ve printed (essentially fraudulent) to cover for us, things don’t look good.

From my understanding, the reason why we could print so much money is b/c the demand for the dollar was still the standard for oil transactions.  That created a high demand, despite the fact we weren’t actually making money with that.  Now the clock is ticking for them to realize our dollar is becoming worthless, and inflation is gonna sky rocket.

I’m not happy about this.  But I’ve noticed as a family, we’re not really prepared for something like that.  So drastic action needs to be taken, unfortunately.  So I’ve got to ‘prep.’

First step is back up food storage.

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