The Life of a Baby

I’ve lost it!  My first true love!  Oh the sweet sustenance that is provided by my love…The way it smells, the way it tastes.  It hits my little palette with a high velocity of soy (delectable) before, but now…they’ve switched me.  I say it brings out certain notes of cow’s milk… These people who smile at me, I know their faces. I smile back sometimes, which I can tell appeases them, but give them but a moment, and they take away my love again!  Give, then take away.  Clearly untrustworthy!  Next time they look at me, I think I’ll smile but dispense my foulest odor simultaneously to make them understand our bittersweet relationship.

But I must express, I must emphatically note that the loss of my love is unbearable.  I remember so vividly the moment they took away my love. I was at the peak of satisfaction, the pinnacle of happiness, then as a bitter cold winter sneaks through the cracked back door, rips it open and sucks all the warm, wonderful heat out of a home, so they took away my love.  A sheer cry cannot contain my deep ache after such a beautiful moment is ripped away so cavalier.  A single tear slowly hugs my cheek and slides down.  I immediately burst into an agonizing fit of emotion.  It’s only a moment later, but seemingly a lifetime.   This time, I’m bawling.  Oh the pain!  The agony!  You’ve ripped away my dreams you parents of mine!  What have you done?!  Will this pain ever stop?!

Oh, wait you’re patting my back?  You want me to burp?  Oh, ok.  Then maybe more formula?  I can deal with that.  Sweet.

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