On Being Young, Married, & Soon-to-be Father

A lot of people have asked me what I feel like, about to be a father…If I’m excited, nervous, scared, etc…I think I never really knew how I felt until recently.  A lot of what I’ve felt has been summed up as “I’m ready for it, but I don’t know what I’m ready for…” 

     I’ve also got asked a thousand times especially at work, “You’re how old and you’re married?”  Always a different way of asking the same question, and yes it gets very old.  Originally I defended myself by asking how old they were when they got married, and occassionally I get people who got married at the same age Nicole and I did…

    But if there was one feeling that I feel now towards being young, married, and about to be a father (tomorrow morning in fact), it would be thankful,  utterly, entirely, undeservingly thankful.  The reason why I feel like that is b/c I would be an adolescent playing video games talking about stupid things watching tv and doing nothing productive.  At least that’s how I was before these things picked me up.  I love having to be responsible for my wife, and now my son.  I have to be strong. I have to make money.  I have to be a husband.  I have to be a father.  I have to be mature.  I’m much further along than I would be otherwise.  I have to be a man.  Nothing I could do could make me this way except by a graceful push by God. 

And I’m very thankful for that.

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3 Responses to On Being Young, Married, & Soon-to-be Father

  1. Dustin says:

    BAZING-great post!

  2. Matthew says:

    No doubt dood, that’s insane, and absolutely true. I commend thee on thine brilliance!

  3. savanna says:

    im proud of you luke! babies=late nights, early morning, no vacations, and lots of poop but once he gets here all you will think about is how you can love someone that you barely know, and how you suddenly become last and you will do anything for this new person in your life to make him happy. its def gonna be a life changer and will take some gettin used to, but once hes here i dont think you would change it for the world! take lots of pics and cherish it all! good luck and god bless you and your beautiful family!!

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